Sticks Lazy Susan 20"-Shabbat Shalom (8059)

Sticks Lazy Susan 20"-Shabbat Shalom (8059)

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One-of-a-kind, hand painted lazy susans in a neutral palette with a fruiting vine boarder. The center circle honoring Jewish traditions.

Honor Family Traditions ~ Cherish Family and Friends ~ Eat Good Food and Share ~ Celebrate ~ Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy ~ Shabbat Shalom


Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

If you love this design, but the size isn't right, we can easily adapt it to another size lazy susan.

All Sticks furniture, sculpture, and accessories are hand painted by very talented artists and are "one-of-a-kind." Special orders are welcomed. Please contact us for themes and available color palettes. All paints and finishes are water based and non-toxic. Surfaces are durable for everyday use.

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