Sticks Furniture Custom Design

Each and every piece from the Sticks product line can be adapted to feature any theme, imagery and colors that your heart desires. The astounding detail, artistry and quality of their work will turn your idea into a piece you'll treasure for years to come. Check our online store for ideas and prices.

With our over 25 years of experience working with both our customers and the Sticks Artisans, you can feel confident in our ability to help you in the creation of your dream piece.

1. You'll want to decide about the style, size and shape of the piece you are interested in. You can use this handy structure guide to help you figure out exactly what you are looking for. But don't think you are limited by what you see here! Custom sizes and shapes are no problem!

2. Pick a theme. Some of the most popular themes are:

A star is born 
Celebrate Tradition 
Chit chat with friends 
Do the right thing 
Eat good food 
Follow your heart 
Go out for adventure 
Home is where the heart is 
Life is a beach 
Life is a dream 
Life is an adventure 
Life is sweet

Live Life to the Fullest
Look back...look ahead...look now
Love, love, crazy love
Reach for the stars
See the world
Seize the day
Thank your lucky stars
The time is now
Today is the day
Who's the fairest
You are a star


3. Pick a color palette. Or two! Don't be afraid to mix it up. Click on an image below to view the full color selection sheet.


4. Pick your words! Words can be places in a variety of places. We'll be happy to help you figure out where your choices will fit best. We recommend, when ordering a smaller piece, you create two lists of words. One "must have" and one "if there's room" lists. If you're ordering a large piece, we recommend you putting the "if there's room" list in order of preference. Looking for inspiration? Check out the Sticks word list. Sticks will happily include names, dates and phrases in languages other than English, but all of these will incur an up charge.