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Jorn Mork

Wind Spirit-She is the Wind

Wind Spirit-She is the Wind

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She is the Wind and Stars and Rising Moon. She is flowers in Sunshine, a Lioness, a Bird Flying Free.

Wall Spirits are aluminum backed prints of Jorn Morks original paintings on canvas.  Hand stamped metal and dangling leaf.  Engraved artist signature with a small drawing on back.

11" wide x 9" long x 1/2" deep  

Aluminum hanger to hang 1/2 in from wall.

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Jorn Mork

I grew up on a farm in Minnesota and was raised by two amazing parents. They introduced me to art, sculpture, determination, a love for the land, and archaeology. I am a self taught artist. In 1986 I bought a van and an etching press. I love the process and smell of inks and printmaking. Eventually, I turned from printmaking to painting. My studio that began as a dining room and kitchen, turned to an actual studio with large north facing windows that light the magic of paint and oil pastels.

Using paint, color, lines, and symbolism a painting emerges of an archetypal scene calling the viewer to become involved if even for a moment.

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