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Janet Sams

Shattered Glass Art-Blue Crab

Shattered Glass Art-Blue Crab

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Starting with a hand painted canvas, Florida artist Janet Sames uses reclaimed glass to create her beautiful images. The pieces are then coated in clear resin, both to protect and seal the pieces and to add a glossy, translucent finish to the painted background.

This crab was created from broken glass vases and bowls in shades of blue.

10" x 10"

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Janet Sams

Broken glass is my current medium. I’ve worked with mosaic, acrylic, fabric, and now glass. I love the vibrant colors and random shapes of the glass, which cause me to think outside the box to develop my next shattered glass creation.

I look for texture, shape, and color when I source my glass from glass blowers and other facilities rich with discarded glass shards, tempered glass, and stained glass. Finding unwanted glass that I can upcycle into coastal-themed glass art thrills me. I’m never sure how I will use the pieces I find, but I know they are pleasing to look at, and I keep a significant stash of glass for all projects! I believe in helping our ecology by recycling and repurposing glass into nature-themed art.

My Inspiration
Hiking, kayaking, gardening, and travel give me mental images of broken glass art that fuel my creative work. My friends and family give me a positive perspective on the artistic process. Working with glass is a passion; everything I create is a joy. I know I’ve finished a piece when I smile spontaneously.

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