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Anne Foulke

Round Bread Warming Basket-Dahlia/Green

Round Bread Warming Basket-Dahlia/Green

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Enjoy fresh warm bread right at the table!  This bread warming basket features individually created artisan stoneware tile in a sustainable bamboo and Seagrass basket. 

  • Basket-9" diameter, 3" tall
  • Tile-about 6" diameter
  • Tile design-Dahlia in Navy
  • Durable tiles are dishwasher safe
  • All clay and glazes are non-toxic (no lead, etc)
  • Baskets meant for use with dry bread, not dough or liquids

The Dahlia tile pattern is created by rolling antique wallpaper rollers onto the clay.  Each tile is glazed individually with studio artisan glazes. 100% handmade every step, but for the kiln!

Simply pop the tile into the center of the oven, set the temperature to 350 and remove the tile after the oven reaches temperature (it’s OK to keep it in longer).  OR microwave the tile for 3 minutes on high.  Place the hot tile (carefully, using oven gloves) in the basket, put your bread or rolls in the basket on top of the tile, and you’re all set!  To keep bread warm longer, add a cloth in the design of your choice; then place the cloth in the basket, the warm tile on the cloth, add bread, fold cloth over bread.  Each basket comes with a bread-warmer instructions flyer.

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