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Walnut Hill Crafts

Reclaimed Amer. Chestnut Wall Vase

Reclaimed Amer. Chestnut Wall Vase

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Made from 100+ year old American Chestnut fence posts. 

3"w x 8.5"h

The American Chestnut Tree was hit by a blight and wiped out in the early 1900s. Old chestnut split rail fences from the Mountains of North Carolina are recycled into works of art by turning them on the lathe. Since the material used to create these vases originate from split rail fences built over 100 years ago and have experienced nature's elements; wind, rain, and sun, no two will ever be alike. The wall vases were made with the intention for wall hanging, but they also stand on their own. The wood is in its natural state, with only the top turned. Each have a glass insert to hold water and a flower. 

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