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Lil Katie Gourd Sculpture

Lil Katie Gourd Sculpture

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Katie is a caramel colored cat that has a heart cutout. She also has a red bow. Approximately 4" tall. She is the perfect size to decorate small spaces and would look good with any home décor. She is a great decoration for cat lovers.

Because this design is crafted using a natural gourd, each piece is ever so slightly different to make for a unique artisan piece with natural variance in color and size.

Warning: Gourds are flammable. Do not use candles in them or place near open flames.

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The story begins with one farmer and the seeds from two gourds he found by accident. This accident turned into a dream that has lasted more than twenty years. It was during a trip to New England that he first saw fresh gooseneck gourds. He brought them home to the Central Pennsylvania area to grow and sell fresh in the fall along with pumpkins.

Ben Bear, that farmer, also had a background in carpentry and in the off winter months he began using the wood tools on the hard-shelled gourds, he crafted his first creations – bells, tiny birdhouses, and snowmen. This was the beginning of this crazy dream called Meadowbrooke Gourds.

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