Lazy Susan-Seasonal Bliss (Printed)
Sincerely, Sticks

Lazy Susan-Seasonal Bliss (Printed)

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Seize the day ~ Relish the night ~ Dream big ~ Wonder ~ Grow ~ Live life to the fullest ~ Believe ~ Cherish family ~ Seek peace ~ Know love ~ Follow your heart


Coated with low VOC water based polyurethane to provide a durable finish.

To care for your piece we recommend:

  • Use soap and water to clean your piece.
  • Non-abrasive household cleaning products can also be used; however, avoid letting cleaning solutions and/or moisture sit on your piece for extended periods of time.
  • Avoid direct contact with extreme heat and use hot pads for warm and hot plates.
  • We also recommend against high amounts of sun to prevent fading as the polyurethane finish in not UV protectant.

This Sincerely, Sticks piece is a PRINTED product using design pulled directly from a Sticks handmade original.

Sincerely, Sticks, presented by Sticks, is a new and lower priced version of popular handcrafted Sticks items! Each Sincerely Sticks piece is artisan printed, pulling designs directly from handmade originals. Instead of staining, drawing, engraving, painting and sealing each piece, these pieces show an incredibly detailed image pulled directly from a handmade Sticks original. These printed products reflect the recognizable aesthetic of Sticks handmade originals at a lower price point-without sacrificing quality. Every Sincerely Sticks piece is handmade with love in the same Des Moines, Iowa studio.

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