Wonderful World (I See Trees of Green) Metal Sign

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Signs are made to order and take approximately 1-2 weeks until they ship.

I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. -Louis Armstrong 

This warm, familiar lyric is the perfect addition for any family room, and it makes a GREAT gift for newly weds and new moms! 
Large 48"h x 34"w
Small 36"h x 29"w
Product Details:
• Lightweight
• Built-in hanging mount
• Magnetic surface
• Steel construction
• Handcrafted — slight variation in color
• Made in the USA
Outdoor Care:
Sun will eventually break down the protective polyurethane coating on our products allowing moisture to come in contact with the steel. Many people choose to let nature take its course and let the steel age naturally. For those who don't, keep reading!             
If you choose to preserve the patina, you may do so by spraying the piece periodically with additional coats of polyurethane. How often the piece needs to be recoated depends on its location. Somewhat sheltered and out of the sun, one coat each year may be enough. In full sun, exposed to the elements, you may want to coat three to four times annually.  Spray polyurethane is available at most hardware and home improvement stores.
If a product does start to age, don't worry, it will not rust away. Prairie Dance products will be around for a long, long time!