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Guardian Bells

Guardian Bell-In Memory

Guardian Bell-In Memory

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In memory of our fallen heros.

All Bells Come With:

  • Keyring
  • Drawstring ‘Velvet’ Pouch
  • Legend of the Guardian Bell story card
  • Add a ball chain (sold seperately) to turn into a necklace

Guardian Bells  provide protection to someone - to banish evil spirits. The use of bells as a channel for positive energy dates back to antiquity. Across cultures, continents and religions, bells have been rung to banish evil spirits at ceremonies, funerals and everyday life. It is considered good karma to have a bell on your door, which acts as a beacon for welcome news and prevents bad energy from entering. Many motorcycle riders and car enthusiasts attach bells to ward off mishaps and mechanical failures. You can grant this tradition of protection to anyone. Attach a Guardian Bell to a backpack, keychain, boat, locker or anyplace else. According to the legend, a Guardian Bell carries twice as much power when it is given as a gift.

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