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Judy Freeman

Fish Wall Sculpture - Titan Triggerfish

Fish Wall Sculpture - Titan Triggerfish

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This is the Reef Triggerfish aka Humuhumu, based on a real coral reef fish, with a few enhancements such as the curled wires and beads. The fish is created out of polymer, rolled, cut, formed and carved.  Then the fish it gets baked to cure the clay and change it to a hardened state. The fish are painted using acrylics and coated with a gloss finish and cured under a UV lamp.  Beads are handmade from polymer so that to get a true match with the colors in the fish. There is a hanging wire loop on the back of the fish.  

6" x 7" x 1"

This item is handmade to order. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery.

Care and Feeding - even with a protective clear coat, it is NOT recommended to display this fish outside in the elements.  Over time the protective coat may wear off and leave the  acrylic paint vulnerable to the elements.  So, please enjoy indoors.  The acrylics are lightfast, so no worry that they will fade if placed near a window.  Care is simple, just wipe with a soft cloth to remove any dust.  

Need this fish swiming in the other direction? Looking for a specific fish? Contact us about a special order.

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