Enjoy the Outdoors Plaque-9"x9"
Sincerely, Sticks

Enjoy the Outdoors Plaque-9"x9"

Regular price $60.00

Hike with Friends!

This printed Sincerely, Sticks plaque is an outdoor adventure design, made more fun with company.

  • 9"w x 9"h
  • Keyhole on the back for hanging
  • Can stand for display
  • Crafted in the USA.

This Sincerely, Sticks piece is a PRINTED product using design pulled directly from a Sticks handmade original.

Sincerely, Sticks, presented by Sticks, is a new and lower priced version of popular handcrafted Sticks items! Each Sincerely Sticks piece is artisan printed, pulling designs directly from handmade originals. Instead of staining, drawing, engraving, painting and sealing each piece, these pieces show an incredibly detailed image pulled directly from a handmade Sticks original. These printed products reflect the recognizable aesthetic of Sticks handmade originals at a lower price point-without sacrificing quality. Every Sincerely Sticks piece is handmade with love in the same Des Moines, Iowa studio.

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