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Donna McCavitt

Contemplation Rattle - Worry Stone

Contemplation Rattle - Worry Stone

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These rattles feel good in your hands and come with a thought to think about as you gently massage your hands. The contemplation cards are meant to give some positive insight or at least a smile to the person reading it. Choose your color and let fate choose your contemplation card and the pattern design.

Each rattle is made one at a time by hand, starting with a small (approx. 1") ball of clay, carefully painted with under glaze while it is still leather hard (still has moisture) then very carefully carved with one of the designs I have created. Every one has its own unique tinkling sound once it is fired and then clear glazed. 

Comes in a hand stamped gift box with a contemplation card and a contemplation rattle use statement.

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Donna Mc Cavitt

Working in clay is like meditation. Believing that all things have a unique personality, I try to capture this in my work. By using hand building techniques, under-glazes and glazes in a variety of painting styles, I create joyful and whimsical art ceramics. Textures are applied by using found objects and hand carved stamps I create. My formal training was in painting, mixed media, and textiles so I find ways to incorporate other media with my clay work. My style has evolved since my childhood endeavors with clay and painting but I still love creating pieces that have a message, even though I am much more lighthearted now. Making my clay pieces helps me keep an innocent wonderment for the beauty of Nature.

Laughter and Art can make life more joyful!

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