Collection: Spot Light Designs

Spot Light Designs is one artist/craftsman, Kevin Aguilar, and a handful of workers producing handcrafted plaster-cast items from rubber molds. Kevin makes the unique hand-crafted “ARTifacts for the 21st Century” out of hydrostone and epoxy resin. He designs and produce the finished products all in my California studio.

"I have been making these handcrafted ARTifacts for 20 years! Time really flies when you’re doing what you love. I was afraid of the dark as a pup, and found comfort and security in the warm glow of my little night light. Years later after my education as a Fine Artist, airbrush painter, illustrator and graduate of Art Center College of Design, a friend asked me to create something that could be handmade to sell in his catalog. After asking myself “What could I possibly do that would amaze everyone?” I came up with the idea to make a small night light."