Collection: Funky Rock Desings

Funky Rock designs are made from all-natural stones found along the coast and rivers of New England. Each product is unique and, like snowflakes, no two are alike. Our creations are art that is fun and funktional.
Hours are spent combing the shore looking for the perfect stones to be transformed. Each rock is hand-picked and carried to our workshop. There they are individually drilled to create vases, lamps, soap dispensers, candle holders, booze dispensers, and several other products. The shapes and textures are made by the pounding surf and are distinct to each rock. Each of these characteristics determine how it will be used. Some rocks are left natural, while others are hand-treated with oil to bring out their vibrant color or design, just as you would see them if they were washed up by a wave onto the beach!Gathering stones has always been a favorite family past time and we hope some of the joy we experience will be passed on to you. The idea behind Funky Rock Designs is to bring a little bit of nature indoors in a unique form of funktional art.