Collection: Christopher Royal

Christopher Royal is a Chicago based artist, designer and sculptor. He was commissioned in 2011 by the City of Chicago to paint a 75-foot mural at a Chicago Metra entrance on the cityโ€™s north side. Mr. Royal has and worked for more than 4 years as a resident artist and sculptor in the art department for Harpo studios creating countless scenic elements for The Oprah Winfrey Show. His diverse projects there included everything from hand icing a 25-foot tall, 30-foot wide gingerbread house to designing and building all the floral displays for the Royal Wedding show. He helped create the set for The Rosie Show including designing and building that showโ€™s signature element, the Toy Explosion Chandelier. โ€œ I love unusual combinations of materials. I find the blend of tough stainless steel and this wonderful translucent resin sexy and fresh. Itโ€™s urban and sophisticated but playful at the same time. This collection is inspired by my kinetic sculptures and my desire to create unusual objects of beauty and balance.โ€