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The holidays are right around the corner and there's probably someone in your life who has no idea what to get you. 

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What's New - Oscar Garcia-Seguì

Artist Profile Oscar Garcia-Segui What's New

With a few exceptions, we stick to work made in the USA. Oscar Garcia-Seguì is one of those exceptions. 

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Custom Furniture - Sticks

Bookcase Custom Furniture End Table Special Orders Sticks Sticks Custom

The furniture by Sticks is just beautiful, but not always exactly what you need. With 25 years of history working with Sticks, we're experts on custom designs. Whether it's something as simple as translating the design from a lazy susan

Sticks Food & Wine Lazy Susan

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What is contemporary fine craft?

contemporary fine craft definition of craft what is fine craft

That is a question I frequently get asked, and it's a hard one to answer. When I say that I have a contemporary craft gallery people mostly ignore the word gallery and assume I have a store that sells scrap booking and knitting supplies. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against scrap bookers and knitters (some of them are my best friends), but it's not what I do. I've searched the internet for a definition of contemporary crafts. Most of what I found was extremely limited or so esoteric as to not make any sense. Now, I'm not promising...

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