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With a few exceptions, we stick to work made in the USA. Oscar Garcia-Seguì is one of those exceptions. Years ago Oscar lived in the US, in Florida, and we carried his work at a gallery I worked at before opening Random Acts of Art. His work, while of exceptional quality, was always fanciful, fun, quirky, irreverent and approachable. 

A few years before Random Acts of Art opened, Oscar, along with his wife & young daughter, moved back to Venezuela. His work moved into a new phase, large sculptures of women that, while wonderfully weird, weren't quite right for us. But I've always kept an eye on what Oscar is up to, in hopes of carrying his work again.

The son of a Spanish fashion designer and grandson of a famed Spanish painter, Oscar has been surrounded by the creative process his entire life. His hands have always been busy creating/modifying toys as a child, molding clay, sculpting. In fact, at fourteen years old, Oscar was the youngest student to be accepted and attend the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Cristobal Rojas in Caracas. 

Just recently I reconnected with Oscar and his wife, Carola. While still creating his wonderful women, Oscar has started making his smaller sculptures again. We've just received our first collection, the Forest People. They are sculptures of people masquerading as animals. Each figure is hand sculpted, using no molds, in clay. He kiln fires them, hand paints each one and then applies a patina and wax finish. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind sculpture. Check them out.

For those of you who are familiar with Oscar's work, we'll have more sculptures this fall and winter. We've requested a Holiday Hound and some of his Altered Egos. Other than that, we'll just have to see what amazing creations he comes up with. We'll keep you posted!

"There is a generalized tendency to show art as something unreachable and incomprehensible; artists and their work are frequently surrounded by a mysterious aura made out of pretentious and, many times, incoherent words. That way, the creation acquires an almost divine character, so that mortals are minimized before such wonder, due to our failure to understand it.

I seek exactly the opposite. My work is straight forward; it does not need any explanations or justifucations. It is just there, colorful, witty, and almost every time, ironic. It can be many things at the same time; it depends on the interpretation each person give it. That is what it was created for, so anyone of any age could stand before a sculpture, understand it, enjoy it, be annoyed by it, thing anything, but never feel excluded, because if that were the case,what is the use of creating, if not to get in touch with people?"

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Hello. I read on your website that you are expecting more works by Oscar Segui this fall or winter. I have purchased quite a few of his pieces over the years. Would you please keep me in mind if/when you get more of his fanciful works? Thank you very much.

Dr. Steven Antonoff

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