Hurricane Ian Update

On Wednesday, September 28th Hurricane Ian smashed into the SW Florida coast as a category 4 storm (2 MPH below a category 5). While Lee County was devastated, Collier County and Naples were significantly affected. Storm surge flooded most of the downtown and costal areas.  Our shop is located less then a quarter of a mile from the gulf and 100 yards from the bay. Our building was built in 1980 and is almost 5' above street level. This has saved it from flooding during previous storms, including Irma just a few years ago.

The significant storm surge of Ian, coupled with its arrival during high tide, won this time. We consider ourselves lucky to have only suffered about 18" to 24" of flooding. Many of our street level neighbors had 5'+ in their stores. We prepared by moving out what we could ahead of the storm and raising much of what we couldn't. We don't have power yet, so we're still assessing damages, but we think we were able to save about 75% of our inventory. 

The store itself is another matter. Floors, drywall and display cases were all damaged. Depending on how the supply chain gods are feeling, we hope to be able to reopen in 6 to 8 weeks. Even if we have to open with bare floors and card table displays. We want to be open for Christmas shopping!

At this time we are moving all of our merchandise to another location (i.e. my parents guest & dining rooms) to keep the website operational. We hope you'll continue to support us in our endeavor to rebuild.

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To anyone else affected by Ian, we hope you're safe! If we can do anything at all to help, we're here for you! #floridastrong

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