Buy Pottery-Help Women in Need

We fell in love with this beautiful pottery before we even knew the story behind it. Once we learned that story, we loved it even more!

This is Prodigal Pottery, functional ceramics handmade in Alabama. The amazing part is that it is all made by women fleeing homelessness, domestic abuse, and sex trafficking. The proceeds support the women by paying salaries and providing life-changing benefits so that they have hope and a future.

Prodigal Pottery works directly out of King's Home, a women's shelter outside of Birmingham, Alabama for women fleeing homelessness and domestic abuse. The employees are residents of King's Home Shelby, which is a long term shelter offering safety and care for women and their children for up to 2 years. In addition to the employees from King's Home, Prodigal Pottery also employs women from Wellhouse, a safe house for women fleeing sex trafficking.

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