Stone Drop Hoop Earrings-Citrine
Larissa Loden

Stone Drop Hoop Earrings-Citrine

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These babes are pure gemstone magic - whether you've gpt a November birthday or just love the pretty colors! These earrings feature real citrine birthstone charms on 14k gold fill infinity hoops. These cuties are 1 inch long and are naturally nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

Made in United States of America

To extend the life of your precious new purchase, we have a few tips and tricks! 

Solid brass that is unplated will naturally darken/patina over time. If you want to bring it back to its shiniest self, you can polish it with a silver cloth or polishing pad. Don't put any chemicals on it or use any liquid dip cleaners (like those used for sterling silver).

To keep your jewelry in tip-top shape, avoid things like wearing it while skinny dipping in the lake, rubbing it down with lotion or sweating all over it at the gym. If you do one or all of these things, see tips above for how to deal.

In general, don’t throw it at the bottom of your purse or toss it on a hard floor or countertop. Always store in a cool, dry place and take it on the go safely in a jewelry bag or travel case. Treat it like it’s special and loved, and it will love you back for a long time to come. 

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