Shot Glass-Walk The Line
Erin Smith

Shot Glass-Walk The Line

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you may walk the line, but i've always been a little hazy on where exactly the line is

  • 1.5 oz. shot glass
  • heavy glass sublimated in artist Erin Smith's Georgia studio
  • Hand wash recommended.

About Erin Smith
trying to find the humor in every little thing…so that we can all try and keep our sanity on this giant ball of beauteous and wondrous things. i think we can all agree that every day throws us new challenges…currently each day more confusing and mind boggling than the next. maybe that’s just me. nope. if you’ve made it past the first sentence then you have some idea of what i’m referring to. i call this ‘on the bus’….or ‘off the bus’. i know it’s what ya’ll are thinking…i’m just writing it down. get on the bus…we have a lot more fun

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