Red Peach Kyoto Lantern
David & Melanie Leppla

Red Peach Kyoto Lantern

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Kyoto Lanterns are a series of sculptural lighting that capture the studied beauty and simplicity of the Japanese aesthetic while utilizing the perfect relationship of glass and light. The details and palate reflect a variety of elements such as fibers of woven mats or paper lanterns, the bindings of traditional packages or bamboo fencing, as well as elements of nature. Layered surface patterns of different hues and opacities allow a subtle transmission of light within to accentuate the qualities of the glass while creating a serene and meditative focal point.

Each lantern is individually free blown and crafted by Melanie Guernsey-Leppla. All the details are of glass. The light source is a 25 watt/ 30 volt incadescant bulb with rivited clip in socket and line switch (included).

Each piece is individually hand crafted by the artist. Details may vary.

Size: approx. 12" x 6"

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