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Larissa Loden

Gemstone Stud Earrings-Sapphire

Gemstone Stud Earrings-Sapphire

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When you have rough cut gemstones THIS precious, you gotta wrap it in gold wire! Whether you are an August girlie or just love the deep blue of Sapphire, these earrings are a bit of pizazz in a gold wire wrapped enclosure. 

The vermeil (gold plated sterling silver) post is holding all your gemstone hopes and dreams.

Nickel-free and naturally hypoallergenic. 

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To extend the life of your precious new purchase here's a few tips and tricks:

If you want to bring it back to it’s shiniest self you can polish it with a silver cloth or polishing pad. Don’t be puttin’ any chemicals on it.

To keep it from darkening, avoid things like wearing it while skinny dipping in the lake, rubbing it down with lotion or sweating all over it at the gym. If you do one or all of these things see above tip for how to deal.

In general, don’t throw it at the bottom of your purse or drop it on a hard floor. Treat it like it’s special and loved, and it will love you back for a long time to come. 

Larissa Loden

I started Larissa Loden with one simple idea: that you can look good, feel good, and do good all at the same time - without breaking your budget.

It started as a middle school art teacher’s side hustle, and has morphed into a dream-come-true small business.

I’m a woman, mother, and artist who finds inspiration everywhere. My favorite work comes from simply playing in the studio or with my kids, with no agenda. It’s my form of meditation.

Every Larissa Loden piece is Midwest-made with care and swears.

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