Judy Freeman

Flamingo Duet Sculpture

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This pink flamingo duet was hand formed and carved using polymer clay.  For the legs and feet I used  brand new type of hybrid clay that, after curing, can become flexible similar to rubber, and the perfect choice for the flamingo legs and feet.  The wooden base is painted to resemble water and both flamingos balance on one leg with wire posts sunk into the wood.  The flamingos can be turned to reposition .

3" x 7" x 6"h

This item is handmade to order. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery.

Care and Feeding - even with a protective clear coat, it is NOT recommended to display this sculpture outside in the elements.  Over time the protective coat may wear off and leave the  acrylic paint vulnerable to the elements.  So, please enjoy indoors.  The acrylics are lightfast, so no worry that they will fade if placed near a window.  Care is simple, just wipe with a soft cloth to remove any dust.  

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