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Dink Responsibly-Pickleball Wood Art Sign

Dink Responsibly-Pickleball Wood Art Sign

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If you play pickleball you probably know what a "dink shot" is but in case you're wondering... A dink is an effective shot that arcs downward as it crosses the net.

If you Dink Responsibly your dink shot can be more difficult to return over the net than a power shot!

Available in Three Sizes:
SMALL:  9.4”w x 3.6”h
MEDIUM: 17.65”w x 6.78”h
LARGE:  23.65”w x 9.1”h

Material Details:
Cut from sturdy, carpenter-grade 1/4" birch plywood and hand-painted, this bit of decor brightens up any wall. 

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