Irish Blessing Necklace
Laurel Elliott dvb new york

Irish Blessing Necklace

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May the road rise to meet you. May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

The derivation of this familiar blessing is uncertain, though many believe it was spoken by St. Patrick himself. The opening line, now famous in the English language and engraved here with an ancient Celtic triquetra or trinity knot, is a bit different from the Gaelic which translates more exactly as 'success in your journey', or 'may you succeed on your journey' but scholarship aside, we used the translation most well known. 'May The Road Rise To Meet You," believed to be spoken by St. Patrick.

The geometric form of the pendant is known as a Möbius strip, after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius [1790-1868]. It represents the seeming paradox of a plane without end, or one of infinite length. As such it became accepted as the symbol for infinity, an appropriate symbolic form for the measure of time.

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