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Octopus (Lg) Tin Roof Wall Art

Regular price $400.00

Utilizing recycled metal roofing, some from old tin roofs of Florida homes built in the early 1900's, artists Kevin Webb & Micheline Grenier begin by cutting the metal by torch to create the attractive "smooth yet ragged" edge.  The metal is then bent and, where required, welded or soldered into the desired shape.

A mixture of enamels, polymers, and sealants are applied and heated.  Patterns are created by moving and blending pigments with flame.  By mixing the pigments to be translucent, light travels through and reflects off the metal beneath, creating a vivid, backlit effect.

63" x 26"

Because of the nature of the painting process, the colors of a color palatte will be the same, but the pattern of the paint will always be unique. We can instruct the artist to "add more red", "use lots of white" or "add some purple". If you have instructions like that, please send us a follow up email after purchasing.

Suitable for use indoors or outside.


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