Collection: Sue Savage

"My philosophy is to create elements of personal adornment emitting surprise and whimsy with attention to detail and craftsmanship. I believe happiness is life's purest gift - sharing that emotion through with my work is a fine honor." 

A designer, creator, lover of whimsy and creating, biker, skier, gardener, companion to four dogs and blessed to live with the love of my life. Growing up, Sue spent lots of time camping, roaming the woods and being a kid in an awesome place.

Each piece is designer-created in her Northern Montana studio incorporating a combination of ancient and modern process and materials. Starting with a layered collection of colors, reflective of her surroundings, which are marred and hand-sliced to create the base pallet. Further embellishment via drawing, riveting, lacing or adding semiprecious and precious elements then mounting each piece to rustic metals.