Mahi Mahi Street Sign Wall Art

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One of the most popular game fish in the world, the Mahi Mahi is now stylized in the TrippworX Mechano-Organic design.  Each is made from recycled aluminum traffic and/or interstate exit advertising signs - stop signs, yield signs, and/or signs indicating which motel, restaurant, or gas station found at a particular exit are common examples.  All of these signs are rugged tenth-inch aluminum-backed 3M Scotchlite films or commercial reflective paint on aluminum.  When viewing a sculpture, the colorful parts are made with the reflective part of the signage facing outward, and its silver-colored parts are made with the aluminum backside of the sign facing outward.  The silver-colored parts are hand ground and clear coated with lacquer to add texture & depth, then all parts are riveted together and given another clear coat of lacquer making the sculpture suitable for outdoor or indoor mounting.  Each fish is one-of-a-kind, the artist combining infinite sign-patterned graphics with the mechano-organic design features he is known for. 

45” x 18.5” x 2”

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