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Family Candles-Twinklebell

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The Family Candles began with the idea of encouraging people to replace their traditional pair of matching candlesticks with a grouping of candles that reflected their unique family. Many people enjoy this idea, but others prefer to simply use a same-color trio or a single candlestick.

"My mother is magic: even after she went back to work, most nights our family sat down together to a home cooked meal. We often ate in the kitchen, but a couple nights a week we ate in the dining room and there would be candles on the table. Lighting candles is so simple, and yet somehow it makes things special." ~ Jill Henrietta Davis. Henrietta Glass

Whether you start a new tradition or revive an old one - whether your family is traditional, blended or alternative - light a candle and make some special time for the people you love.

  • Small 2.75-3.25" dia.
  • Medium 3.5-4" dia.
  • Large 4.25-4.75" dia.

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