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Sunflower Earrings

Sunflower Earrings

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Van Gogh would gawk at your lobes. I mean he might gawk at lobes in general but these would really grab his attention. (you know because he cut off his ear, and painted sunflowers)

  • Measures Approx 1.75" long
  • Stainless steel ear ires
  • Made of lightweight wood
  • Laser cut and printed with a matte glaze
  • Made in Florida
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Florida artist Cheryl Howell has an affinity for vintage images and love to incorporate them into her designs.

"what to say what to say...I am fortified with calcium and enriched with vitamin d. It really warms me in a fuzzy way when someone digs my stuff. I love vintage. If I were a color it would be puce."

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