Sticks Virtual Trunk Show

Through September 18, 2020
with virtual appointments for custom designs available Wednesday, September 9 through Friday, September 18.
How the Virtual Trunk Show Works
Option 1 - There's a piece I love just as it is!
There are hundreds of Sticks designs on our website. These are standard designs that can easily be recreated*. Selecting one of these designs means the price you see online is set.
       *Each piece is hand created. Small variations will occur.
For the duration of this Trunk Show: 
  • All standard designs under $750 are 10% off.
  • All designs under $2500, but more than $750 are 15% off.
  • All designs over $2500 are 20% off.
No special codes needed, the discount will apply at checkout. Items can be combined to receive the larger discount.
Option 2 - Nothing I've seen is quite right.
Let's do something custom! This is where it gets really fun! Here's the steps to a custom design.
  1. Take a look at the Sticks designs on our website. Is there something close to what you want? Or imagery you really love, but it's not on the piece you want (ie: I love this table design, but I want a bench), make a note of those designs.
  2. Take a look through the Structure Guide. Is there something there that's the size and shape you are looking for? Make a note of the style number. If there's not, don't worry! Sticks will happily build custom size pieces.
  3. Fill out this form with your details
  4. Once we've reviewed the details, we'll get back to you with a base price. This will be the price with minimal customization...picking colors, themes and some elements. Prices can increase depending on how detailed (specific landmarks, foreign language phrases, etc.) your design gets.
  5. If that base price is OK with you, we'll work with you to schedule a 3-way Zoom call with a Sticks artist. During this call, you'll be able to talk with the artist about what you want on your piece and they will create a rough sketch of the design. (The normal $100 fee for this service will be waived for the trunk show.)
  6. Within 48 hours of the Zoom call, we'll get back to you with a final design price for your piece. 
About Sticks

Sticks Object Art and Furniture was started in 1992. Since then they have received national acclaim for their distinctive line of furniture, accessories and object art. They began their journey designing smaller items such as nativity sets, ornaments and candlestick holders and have evolved to feature larger items such as dining sets, beds and armoires.

All pieces are finely crafted from birch, poplar and driftwood. Pieces are further designed with hand drawn imagery, etched contouring and vibrantly blended paint. Pieces can be embellished with 3-D wood components, metal, leather and fabric. The line is constantly evolving due to the imagination and expertise of their design team and the many talented craft artisans that they employ.

Every Sticks piece is handcrafted within their award winning design studio in Des Moines, Iowa – Made in U.S.A.

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